About Us


Arete Health Care holds the distinction of being the pioneering Vietnamese Nursing home in Australia. Since its establishment in the early 1990s, Arete Healthcare has been dedicated to providing exceptional care for all our elderly residents, devoting abundant time and valuable resources towards this noble cause.

The ‘Arete’ Name

Arete Health Care derives its name from the Ancient Greek Goddess Areth, embodying the ideals of virtue, excellence, goodness, and compassion through her noble deeds. It is from these remarkable traits that we have formulated our core values, which serve as the cornerstone for delivering patient-centered care to all residents within our facilities.

Residential Aged Care Homes Sydney | Arete Health Care

The Arete Dictum

Our logo, “Hands and Hearts in Service”, epitomises the Arete ethos of delivering quality care and services to residents with dignity, compassion and a heartfelt responsibility to improve their well-being.

Residential Aged Care Homes Sydney | Arete Health Care

Our Mission

At Arete Health Care, our mission is to consistently provide exceptional health and care outcomes for the elderly residents we serve. We prioritise the well-being of their mind, body, and soul, aligning our actions with our core values.

Residential Aged Care Homes Sydney | Arete Health Care

Core Values

All services delivered by Arete Aged Care are underpinned by our core values which are:


We believe in each resident’s right to be valued, respected, treated ethically and in accordance with their wishes.


Staff behaviours are transparent, conforming to accepted standards of morality and respectability.


Utmost regard for the rights, feelings and wishes of residents and their relatives at all times.


We seek to understand and meet the physical and emotional requirements of residents and families.


As a team, we seek constant improvements to the way we deliver care that further enhances the lives of residents.


Our staff are responsible for the well-being of those entrusted to our care and our behaviour towards our residents.

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Corporate Objectives

As a healthcare corporation, our goals are:

– Provide safe, sustainable, and efficient services to meet the healthcare needs of residents.

– Uphold Arete Health Care’s financial responsibilities, governance duties, and performance standards.

– Foster strong relationships with all stakeholders, promoting integrated health and care systems that include aged care.

– Actively engage with stakeholders to enhance their experience of aged care services.


Corporate objectives primarily fulfilled through stakeholder consultation. Effective stakeholder engagement is an important fundamental within our homes, with senior management providing the necessary on-site guidance and infra-structure to support this process. We seek to actively involve residents and relatives to:

  • Identify their health needs and aspirations to improve services
  • Develop intentions and identify our priorities
  • Consider residents’ views when buying goods or commissioning services
  • Use residents’ experience to improve safety and quality of care.

We understand that the best health outcomes can only be achieved if residents remain at the core of all our activities.